Not just a shopping cart…It’s an enterprise ready
multi-channel digital commerce platform

MartJack is a full-fledged enterprise ready eCommerce platform that aims to help serious medium and large offline retailers and brands to establish and scale up their online business. The idea is not just to provide a shopping cart, but to have a holistic solution for your digital commerce requirements. It helps you expand your customer base worldwide through a proven multi-channel approach.


per month
  • Low Traffic Up to 10 GB Bandwidth
  • 5000 Products
  • 1 Admin Login
  • No Transaction Fees
  • Phone Support
  • Standard Reporting
  • In store Presence
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  • ---
  • ---
  • ---
  • ---


per month
  • Medium Traffic Up to 30 GB Bandwidth
  • 20000 Products
  • 3 Admin Login
  • No Transaction Fees
  • Priority Support
  • Standard Reporting
  • In store and Mobile Presence
  • Limited API Access
  • 3 Exchange Promotion Credits
  • ---
  • ---
  • ---


  • High traffic Up to 50 GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Products
  • 10 Admin Login
  • No Transaction Fees
  • Account Manager
  • Custom Reporting
  • Mobile / social / In store
  • Open API Access
  • 10 Exchange Promotion Credits
  • Exchange On boarding support
  • Multi Location / Store
  • Multi Brand Management

MartJack plus logo

For Large Enterprise Businesses

MartJack Plus enables enterprises to build and manage their e-commerce portals for customer acquisition and sales across Internet, mobile and social media. It is a complete managed solution that minimizes your internal risks & maximizes the output for your e-commerce business. We will help you manage your entire online presence including commerce, branding, customer engagement and publishing – all this through a single platform. We eliminate the need for a huge capital investment in technology and a large IT support team as MartJack Plus is already ready to be deployed for you.

MartJack Plus offers an integrated backend & operational workflow for increased efficiency along with a highly scalable architecture. Our architecture is designed to be flexible with an intelligent load balancer. This helps you scale up your usage bandwith as per actual usage requirements. MartJack is designed to have high availability with extremely efficient redundancy components. The entire infrastructure is a hyper-scalable enterprise ready eCommerce setup with isolated web & data server roles completely hosted in the cloud.

Key Highlights

  • Integrated inventory & pricing simplifies retail operations
  • Integrated customer & loyalty data for simplified CRM
  • Scale fulfillment capabilities with distributed warehouses
  • Location aware stock and pricing
  • High reliability with 99.5% service uptime guarantee
  • On demand performance pricing to efficiently handle peak promotional loads
  • Reliable & secure - Stringent firewalls, on server & application level security layers for complete information
  • Rule based marketing engine to replicate offline promotions
  • Full fledged MartJack API to service your customization requirements