A guide for Enterprise Retailers and Brands for choosing the right online channel

The Choice between Marketplaces and own ecommerce store is tricky.

Similar to the physical world, where you sell online reflects a lot on your brand perception. Hence it is a decision that should be taken seriously. With eCommerce increasing at an exponential rate, brands are becoming more aware of omni-channel commerce. Omni channel presence implies that your brand is present in every channel through which consumers can search for it. As this is becoming the hot topic in the retail world, we have created this guide to help you adopt the right strategy for online retail outlets to be in line with physical stores. There are two main retail options in online retail – own e-store and market places. We help you choose the online mix which is fits your brand ethos.

Our guide covers all considerations you need to take before deciding the approach to your online brand strategy.

This guide is a must read for professionals in retailing world:

  • Chief Executives - CMOs, CTOs, COO, Head of eCommerce
  • Managers in marketing, strategy, operations, technology space

This FREE guide will help you:

  • Assessment of your business model
  • Comparison between marketplace and own eCommerce store
  • Outlet strategy ideal for your business

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